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Trestle Mountain and Collins Bonnet (Sleeping Beauty)

A very long and steep climb, particularly if doing both peaks, but featuring great mountain and valley views, both during the walk and from the peaks.

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7 - 9 hrs


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8/37.5/15.5 km

Road Directions

See the Google Map also.

Travel to the intersection of Mountain River Road and the Huon Highway at Grove. The shop and service station are on the corner. Travel 8km up Mountain River Road, avoiding all side turns and private roads and entrances, until the end of the road is reached. This is at the point where a sign indicates the start of the Mountain River Trail, and is located adjacent to 2 private driveways. Park well off the road.

Road Types

Sealed part way up Mountain River road, then good quality dirt road.


See the Google Map also.

The walk commences from the end of Mountain River Road, where a PWS sign indicates that the track is closed to vehicles. This is for good reason, as there are several washed-out creek crossings. The track is easy to follow, and is quite clear. In a couple of places trees overhang a little, or have fallen on the track. From Mountain River to the saddle between Trestle Mt and Collins Bonnet is basically a long climb of 750 metres in about 5km.

Parties will vary a lot in the time taken for this climb, taking 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours probably. Water is available from a tributary of Trestle Creek at about the 470m contour, but to be honest I don't always like the look of it and I recommend carrying your own. Eventually the track flattens out and the Mountain River Trail intersects an arm of the East-West fire trail, and a left turn should be taken here for Trestle Mt, a right for Collins Bonnet.

Trestle Mountain

Turning left from the intersection, follow the track around southwest, then curving to northwest. You will pass the old track start where a sign directs you to the new track further along the firetrail. Don't use the old route, the new one is much better. The Trestle Mountain Track leaves the firetrail at a clearly signed intersection on the left. This track is well marked and winds upwards through trees and scrub, and across quite a lot of boulders. Eventually it arrives at the summit block. The summit is the tallest dolerite tor, on which I have not stood. Several large flat boulders provide a place for lunch or a break, which will be amply rewarded by views of both the Huon and Derwent valleys. The climb from the road takes 30-40 minutes.

Collins Bonnet

Taking the right turn at the track intersection, the trail falls towards a creek (often dry), and another track intersection. Turn right up the hill towards a small saddle to the north of Collins Bonnet. The track climbs steadily then steeply to this saddle, before turning sharply to the right, (S) and sidling the north eastern flank of Collins Bonnet.

After about 400m a shelter hut is passed. After another 200m a cairn marks where a foot track leaves to the right through the low trees and scrub. This track is clear at first, then cairned well on boulders, climbing roughly south, before turning right again, to the west, and ascending the last climb to the top of Collins Bonnet.

The peak has a true summit feeling, and provides spectacular views of the surrounding range, Huon and Derwent valleys and more distant mountains on clear days. Many well known Tasmanian peaks can be seen in a broad arc from the north to south through west. The return journey is a retrace of the inward route.


Full wet weather gear must be carried at all times. The peaks are subject to very poor weather at times, although they are not as exposed as peaks in SouthWest Tasmania. However, the weather can change just as quickly, and the winds can be very strong.

If caught by poor weather on top of Collins Bonnet, it is quite a walk back around to retrace the walk, although the route is not particularly exposed. In emergency, parties could walk down to Myrtle Forest near Collinsvale in the Derwent Valley, which is closer, less of a descent and more sheltered, and essentially allows parties to find shelter from wind much more quickly. This would necessitate a road walk to a phone at the bottom however. It is recommended that parties carry a map that shows this route (Collinsvale 1:25,000) if contemplating it. The track leaves the road 400m north of the shelter hut and heads northeast.


Google Map. 1:25000 - Collinsvale 1:25000 - Longley 1:100000 - Derwent


Minimal. Moderate shelter near Collins Bonnet in an emergency hut (no door).

Nearby items of interest

Mt Marian, Collins Cap, Mt Patrick, Mt Charles.

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