Too many people under-estimate the dangers of bushwalking in Tasmania. All too often, search and rescue efforts have to be undertaken to find people whose bushwalk went wrong. There are frequent evacuations of injured bushwalkers, and every now and then, someone dies in the bush. Nobody wants to have a bushwalk end in these ways, and some simple actions can reduce the chance of incidents.

The Hobart Walking Club (HWC) produces a book called "Safety in the Bush", which provides extensive information for walkers in Tasmania, and is considered to be the "standard work" on the subject. It is well worth having. To quote from it "Death from exposure remains the greatest single hazard for those venturing into the bush. This is no place for the inexperienced or poorly equipped."

These safety pages have been created to help you be safer in the Tasmanian bush. It is not a comprehensive resource, but focuses on some specific issues relevant to Tasmania. Even experienced bushwalkers from interstate can find that they are unprepared for Tasmanian conditions. Please read the disclaimer as well.