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Pelverata Falls

An easy walk to a high waterfall, spectacular after heavy rain.

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Easy, some rocky sections requiring care.





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1 1/2 - 2 hrs


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Road Directions

From Huonville head along the Channel Highway to Cygnet, which leaves the Huon Highway eastwards at the northern end of the Huon River bridge beside the Grand Hotel in Huonville. Six km down this road, turn left into Pelverata Rd. After 8.5 km, turn right into Crosswell's Rd at Pelverata. The road is signposted as the route to Pelverata Falls. Travel up Crosswells Rd for about a kilometre, until a small parking area is reached. Park vehicles so as not to obstruct the gates or the turning area.

If travelling from Hobart, you can turn left at Sandfly, then turn immediately right to Kaoota along Pelverata Rd. This is the northern end of Pelverata Rd, which winds slowly over the hills. The road is slow and narrow, and the distance on the dirt road is about 12.5km.

Road Types

Sealed until entering Pelverata Rd, then good quality dirt road, winding and narrow at times.


The walk starts downhill for a few yards, and the track can look very muddy at this point. It is quite dry, with only a small section which is muddy after rain. The track winds around the north of some paddocks, with wattles of various sorts along the edge. A couple of views back over the paddocks allow views of distant hills and mountains.

The track starts to rise more after the top of the fenced paddocks is passed. Follow the obviously "main" track, avoiding all branches to the left. Eventually a foot track is found heading down to the right, with a sign. This track heads downhill for a short way, crossing a creek, before starting to rise steadily around the hillside. Eventually you come to a muddy section which can be quite wet after rain. The track then rises steadily again, until the remains of a picnic area are reached.

After this the track gets stony and soon is winding along a steep hillside. It rises and falls a little, and in a couple of places some scrambling is required. It is suggested that children be kept close on this section. The waterfall visible across the valley is Slippery Falls, which is only a target if you wish to do some scrub-bashing. At the end the track drops steeply, and emerges below the impressive rock headwall of the valley, the falls dropping 80 metres. A viewing platform has been built here recently, and in fact offers just about the best view of the falls. Venture beyond this point at your own risk. Not recommended with children.

The top of the falls can be approached quite easily along 4WD tracks from the end of Van Morey Rd, Margate. A map is suggested if doing this walk, as there is some confusion of tracks.


An easy walk, with only some steep and slippery sections towards the end. Ensuring children don't become lost or fall will be the major concern. Carry raincoats and warm clothing as for all Tasmanian walks.


1:25,000 Huonville (5023). 1:100,000 D'Entrecasteaux (8311).



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