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Nevada Peak

Great walk over relatively unused tracks to this peak adjacent to Snowy South, with great views and attractive alpine surroundings.

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Mountains, alpine tarns, myrtle forest, great views of western and south-western mountains.


Medium. Solid Climb. Peak and approach very exposed in poor weather.





Gear Code


620m - 1390m


6-7 hrs


Access from


Distance from

45 / 82 / 45 km

Road Directions

This walk is rated T4 by PWS, and promotion is limited. This walk starts from a point along a complex set of forestry roads, and accurate navigation is essential to arriving at the right place. Road directions can be obtained by requesting them by email from our feedback page.

Road Types

Sealed to just beyond Judbury, then dirt roads of varying quality, deteriorating somewhat at the end, but perfectly usable by 2WD vehicles. The roads are composed of sharp dolerite gravel/rock. Care is required to avoid rock-punctures - slow down.


This walk is rated T4 by PWS, and promotion is limited. A full walk description can be obtained by requesting it by email from our feedback page.

The walk involves a solid climb through first myrtle forest then sub-alpine forest, to a beautiful alpine plateau, then a final steep scree slope to the summit. The return can be undertaken either by the same route or via the attractive Woolleys Tarn. The alpine plateau is especially sensitive to trampling, and groups should be small and take great care to minimise the effects of their visit.


As for the whole of South-West Tasmania, Nevada Peak is subject to sudden changes of weather - even in summer a sunny day can change to fog, rain, icy wind and even snow. A large part of this walk is across an exposed plateau with almost no shelter from the weather. Some larger outcrops of rock would provide some poor protection. Parties must be equipped to cope with a return across this plateau. In addition, navigation could be difficult in mist. Proficiency with a map and compass is strongly recommended. It is suggested that compass bearings could be taken on the approach in order to be used as back bearings on the return. Much of the route is unmarked, and the assumption is that parties will find their own way to the peak. Approximate bearings are given in the walk description, however it is recommended that parties take their own in accordance with their own route, and be proficient at following bearings in low visibility.

In winter the higher parts of the park may be covered in deep snow for some of the time. Care is required in maintaining warmth, route-finding and retaining footing at these times. Snow can persist until late spring or summer on certain slopes shaded from the sun.


Nevada (4624), 1:25,000; Tyenna (8212), 1:100,000. (Lonnavale 1:25,000 map for roads)


Nil. Remote area logbook along track.

Nearby items of interest

Snowy South, Woolleys Tarn, Wetpants Peak. Also unexplored walk to "Falls", 30 mins return.


None available