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The Huon Valley

Huon River at HuonvilleThe Huon Valley lies south of Hobart in Tasmania. It's named for the Huon River, which flows from near Scotts Peak in the Southwest and out to sea south of Huonville. The valley is surrounded by interesting and beautiful mountains and forests, including the Tasmanian World Heritage Area and offers many bushwalking opportunities.

This is Australia's southernmost municipality, and the area is well-known for its seafood, forests, music, art, apples, pears, cherries and wine. Arts and crafts are of increasing importance, and tourism is booming due to several recent initiatives. Lovely accommodation, fine restaurants and interesting museums add to the attraction.


There are a range of types of walks accessible from the Huon Valley; mountain climbs, forest walks and coastal rambles. Walks range from very easy family walks to long muddy uphill slogs. There are some safety considerations, and everyone should remember that walks accessible from here are often the subject of search and rescue missions.

This website

For now, the site covers walks in and around the Huon. It might get expanded to cover other places later. The site contains a range of information designed to help you find a walk that might interest you, make sure you can get to it and let you know what to expect on the walk. Use the content as you see fit. If you're an experienced Tasmanian walker, you might just be interested to find a new walk, or some information you didn't have. Hope you enjoy it. Best read the disclaimer, especially if you're the sort who thinks you might like to find someone to blame for your own stupidity!