Choosing gear is a very personal thing, and people's perceived gear needs vary a lot. However, some things are a matter of safety. I've only put brief information here, which I thought would be most useful in undertaking the walks I've currently got in the site.

First of all, read our Minimum Safe Gear lists. These really are the minimum you should carry

There's also a Complete Gear List, from which you can make your own selection, depending on the walk you're doing.

If buying gear, I suggest doing so in Hobart. Shops I recommend are:

  • The Jolly Swagman - 107 Elizabeth St, Hobart - 03 6234 3999
  • Passion-8 (Formerly Paddy Pallin) - 119 Elizabeth St, Hobart - 03 6231 0777
  • (Kathmandu generally for sale items only - 16 Salamanca Square, Hobart.)

If these don't have what you're looking for, there are several other outdoor shops located near The Jolly Swagman and Paddy Pallin in Elizabeth St and Bathurst St. They're all good, but I prefer the two mentioned.