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Duckhole Lake

An easy walk to a small lake in pleasant forest south of Dover.

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Forest, attractive creek, lake.







Gear Code


110m - 150m


1 hr return


Access from


Distance from

15.5km / 99km / 60km

Road Directions

Drive through Dover, and proceed approximately 7km south of the town to a turnoff to the right into Old Hastings Rd. The turnoff appears quite suddenly. Look for it after passing the gated Creekton Rd. After a short distance, this road is gated and you divert right into the Darcy Link Rd. After about 4km, you arrive at the junction of Creekton Rd. Turn left, and drive around 3.5km to the marked parking area for Duckhole Lake.

Road Types

Sealed to the turnoff into Old Hastings Rd, then 8km of reasonable dirt road. Some risk of puncture from sharp stones.


The walk leaves from the opposite side of the road to the parking area, and there is a Great Short Walks sign with some walk information on it. The track is very easy to follow, and runs beside the creek for much of the distance. Much of the track has been double-planked and this makes the track very easy.

There is a large oval pice of cast iron with a hole in it propped against a tree a short distance up the track. This is called a "shoe" and was used to assist in dragging trees through the bush, when placed under the leading edge of the log.

After about 30 minutes, the track crosses the often-dry creek flowing from Duckhole Lake, and emerges on the lake shore. There is a picnic table here. The lake is a sinkhole, caused by the erosion and collapse of the underlying dolomite rock in which caves form.

The track actually continues around the lake and then heads uphill to Creekton Falls, and does connect with the Adamsons Falls track. However, the track is in a poor state with many trees across it, and some navigational difficulty in places. It is not recommended as a walk unless some track maintenance is carried out. Any volunteers?


This walk is at a low altitude amongst the trees, and is thus quite sheltered. In fact it can be quite cold as the mountain above can shade the area from the sun. Carry jumpers and coats. Despite the safe nature of the walk, a gentleman recently got lost in the area and spent a night and day lost before being luckily found after shining the screen of his mobile phone into the sky towards the search helicopter. It is suggested that walkers keep to the track. Children should be supervised at the lake.


1:25,000 Hastings (4819) sheet. (Track not shown, lake at mapref 898985), track shown on 1:100,000 Huon (8211) sheet.



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