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Cathedral Rock

A solid climb to a spectacular cliff with great views.

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Views, cliffs, attractive bouldered riverbed.







Gear Code

9 km

250m - 880 m


4 hrs


Access from


Distance from

1.5/16/21 km

Road Directions

See the Google Map also.

Betts Rd leaves the Huon Road approximately 2 km East of the Longley Hotel. (7km west of Ferntree if coming from that direction). Drive approximately 1 km down Betts Rd, until finding a parking area just across the North West Bay River. Leave the cars here, parked according to the instructions.

Road Types

Sealed. Last 1 km unsealed but good quality.


See the Google Map also.

The walk commences by continuing along the road onto private property. The signage makes it quite clear that you are about to enter private property, however the owner has approved the use of part of the private road for responsible foot traffic, as long as walkers use the correct route. Please follow all walk directions.

The road climbs gently for about 450 metres before a marked walking track descends to the right. The track approaches the river, and follows it for about 900 metres. A short section runs along the river bed. The river bed in itself is attractive, and may divert walkers for a time. The river bed can actually be followed all the way from the bridge, but this will be much slower. The normal exit from the river bed to the left needs to be found - it is marked with tape small cairns and a stake with a yellow track marker.

The track then climbs away from the river, onto a fire trail. The fire trail is followed around the hill before climbing some distance in a steep zigzag up Betts Hill, and then flattening out as the saddle between Cathedral Rock and Betts Hill is reached.

The track to Cathedral Rock goes right near some boulders at approximately the highest point, and is clearly signed. The track climbs gradually at first before becoming very steep, up the rear of Cathedral Rock. Where the track emerges onto rock slabs, the top is near. The top is reached quite suddenly, leading to terrific views of the valley below, North West Bay, the Huon Valley and, most spectacularly, Collins Bonnet directly up the valley.


Apart from the pinnacle, this walk is more sheltered than many in the vicinity. Warm and waterproof clothing should be carried. More hazardous are the high cliff, and the potential for injury on the boulders in the river bed. With care, this walk is quite safe.


Google Map. Longley (5024), 1:25,000; Derwent (8312), 1:100,000



Nearby items of interest

Longley Hotel nearby, Ferntree Hotel and shop at Ferntree, shop and fuel at Sandfly 2km south of Longley Hotel.


None available.