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On Mt SnowyFamily Bushwalks in Tasmania's Huon Valley - Nell Tyson and Annie Rushton - Driftwood Publishing, Dover Tasmania
Contains a good range of easier walks suited to children across the Huon Valley. Well worth getting if you want to do a range of walks. Doesn't have many of the harder walks though.

Step into History in Tasmanian Reserves - David Leaman - Leaman Geophysics, Hobart, 2001
Extensive coverage of almost everywhere you can walk in Tasmania, including many Huon Valley walks. Lots of suggested walks, lots of pictures and plenty of supporting geological and historical information. Well worth having.

Walk into History in Southern Tasmania - David Leaman - Leaman Geophysics, Hobart, 1999
Lots of interesting walks in Southern Tasmania, with plenty of geology and history to provide added colour. Good section on the Huon and Channel. The book has many walks not described anywhere else.

Day Walks in Tasmania - Dickenson, Howard, Rubock - envirobook, Sydney.
Written by Tasmanian walkers, this book contains several walks in the area, as well as a good range of walks across Tasmania. It has brief descriptions, and has some walks you won't find described elsewhere. (Probably difficult to find)

The Abels, Tasmania's Mountains over 110m High, Volume One - Ed. Bill Wilkinson - Tasmanian Outdoors Collection, 1994, Launceston
This volume contains walks in the NE segment of Tasmania, and as such includes only Wellington Range walks that could be construed as in the Huon. However, it has good descriptions of walks to many mountains not described elsewhere.

Mount Wellington Walks - Jan Hardy and Bert Elson - Hillside Publishing, Hobart, 1993
Describes walks to some of the Wellington Range destinations described in this website, as well as having a good range of other walks across the whole of the Wellington Range. The walk to Collins Bonnet is described from either Myrtle Forest (the ladies' tees) or Big Bend - real men do it from Mountain River.

South West Tasmania - John Chapman - Self-published Melbourne.
The standard work on bushwalking in Tasmania's southwest. See John's website. Some of these walks start and/or end in the Huon Valley.

Tasmania's Great Short Walks - Parks and Wildlife Service Booklet
Walks all over Tasmania including several in the Huon. Free at Service Tasmania shops and various other places.

120 Walks in Tasmania - Tyrone Thomas - Hill of Content
Tyrone is well known to bushwalkers. He only used to have 100 walks in Tasmania, but now he's found 20 more. Book looks good, but I haven't got it. Covers the whole state, good general guide.


The South West Book, A Tasmanian Wilderness - Australian Conservation Foundation, Hawthorn, Vic, 1978
Published between the inundation of Lake Pedder and the saving of the Franklin, this is a terrific book with loads of history, natural history and other information about Southwest Tasmania. Find in libraries and secondhand bookshops.

Natural History

SnowberryPlant Identikit Series - Society for Growing Australian Plants, 1988-2003
Really good pocket-sized guides to the plants you'll find on these and many other Tasmanian bushwalks.
Wildflowers of Mt Wellington
Alpine Wildflowers of Tasmania
Woodland Wildflowers of Tasmania
Rainforest Plants of Tasmania
Orchids of Tasmania
Coastal Plants of Tasmania

South-West Tasmania, A Natural History and Visitor's Guide - Ken Collins - Heritage Books, Hobart, 1990
Huge amount of information on this amazing place. Much of the info is relevant to walking in the Huon, especially some of the natural history.

Native Trees of Tasmania - J B Kirkpatrick and Sue Backhouse - Pandani Press, West Hobart, 1997
User-friendly guide with an easy-to-follow key to help identify all Tasmania's native trees.

Alpine Tasmania, An Illustrated Guide to the Flora and Vegetation - Jamie Kirkpatrick - Oxford University Press Australia, South Melbourne, 1997
This book contains a guide to absolutely every plant you're going to find in Tasmania's alpine areas. Photos by Dombrovskis and great line drawings (Davis, Eberhard).

Field Guide to Tasmanian Birds - Dave Watts - New Holland Publishers, Sydney, 1999
Beautiful photos make it quite easy to find the bird you're looking for. There's a later version of this, but I haven't go it.

Tasmanian Native Mammals - Jane Burrell and Phil Andrews - Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart
Brilliant ink drawings of every Tasmanian native mammal. This has probably been re-published since the version I've got (1990).

A Guide to Flowers and Plants of Tasmania - Launceston Field Naturalists Club, Ed. Mary Cameron - New Holland Publishers, Sydney, 1999
A great many Tasmanian plants, with good photos make it easy to identify the plants.


Safety in the Bush, Eighth Edition - The Hobart Walking Club, Hobart, 2000
Basically the standard work on safety in the Tasmanian bush. Lots of information. You'll think they're a bit anally retentive (and some of them are!) but their suggestions make a lot of sense once you've experienced the worst of Tasmanian weather.

St John Ambulance - Online Quick Reference First Aid guides (Find the link)

Map Reading Handbook Tasmap, State Emergency Service - TasMap, Hobart, 1991.
Very useful book for learning map and compass navigation. There may be a later version than this one.


Angus and Robertson - 98 Collins St Hobart - Good range of Tasmaniana, just inside the left-hand door. A&R in Burnie actually have a really good range too.

Fullers Bookshop - 140 Collins St Hobart - Good range of Tasmaniana, and often have some more esoteric stuff.

Dymock's - Centrepoint, 70 Murray St, Hobart - Tasmaniana OK, sometime have books that others don't.

Book City - 73 Bathurst St, Hobart - Good Tasmaniana section.

The Imperial Bookshop - 138 Collins St Hobart, in the back of the pink Imperial Building - Secondhand books including many rare and hard to find items. Good range of Tasmanian books. Ask them to show you where they are.

Astrolabe Books - 81 Salamanca Place Hobart - Good range of secondhand Tasmanian books, and some new small-run histories and similar. They have some very good condition hard-to-find items, but at a price. Look in both the Tasmaniana and the Natural History sections.

Rapid Eye Books - 36 Sandy Bay Rd, Battery Point - Secondhand bookshop. Small Tasmaniana section, sometimes with items not found elsewhere.